Clinton the Musical

Paul and Michael Hodge’s homage to Bill and Hillary, however, capably parodied the biggest scandal of the ’90s, thanks in large part to the most game group of actors Off-Broadway.

Smartly silly, hilariously impudent and sneakily compassionate…
NY Times

The Off-Broadway production of Clinton The Musical is a deliciously ribald take on the Clinton-Lewinsky (oral) sex scandal.
The Daily Beast

Backed by a stellar cast of singing reporters, dancing Senate cardboard cutouts and a special appearance by that unforgettable blue dress, Clinton the Musical is a wildly fun reminder that politics are an absurd battle of wills.
Entertainment Weekly

…in the wacky and wonderful minds of authors Michael Hodge and Paul Hodge, Americans very clearly got two for the price of one.
Theater Mania

This musical plunges you in the middle of the 1990s, a simpler time with tracksuits, fat ties, and strangely shaped iPhones. It balances the line of stupidity and pure hilarity (Hillarity.) But is worth the trip to New World Stages.
New York Theater Guide


And Kara Guy as Rusty and especially Michael-Kennen Miller as Willard steal the spotlight whenever they step on stage.
Reading Eagle

The teen couple is flanked by wonderful performances by Kara Guy as Rusty, and Michael-Kennan Miller as Willard Hewitt. Guy is the perfect perky side-kick, with the added bonus of a killer singing voice. / -This production of Footloose features some really fine pop singing. Kara Guy as Rusty, Mary-Elizabeth Milton as Urleen, and Sara Catherine Barnes as Wendy Jo sing well individually, but as a trio, they produce a tight blend and fierce sound that is unbeatable.
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Lindsay Luppino (Ariel), Michael-Kennen Miller (Willard), Kara Guy (Rusty) and Jeff Blim (Chuck) were truly the scene-stealers of this production…
Berkshire Fine Arts

Willard and Rusty, the show’s two overtly comic roles, are played by Michael-Kennen Miller and Kara Guy. She’s cute and magnetic and has a great pop voice.
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Kara Guy was perfect as the dorky Penny Pingleton and did an amazing job with the character! Her comedic timing was excellent, and she had a terrific voice when she let loose in Act 2 during “Without Love” and “You Can’t Stop the Beat”! Her frizzy “pig-tailed” brown wig fit perfectly for the character and I loved her costume and wig for the Finale, which was a different look than used on a Broadway. She should take Alexa’s place on Broadway!
Broadway World

Will Rogers Follies

There are also a few notable individual performances besides Zimmerman’s as Rogers himself. Kara Guy, previously seen as the female lead in “Anything Goes,” is actually more impressive here as “Ziegfeld’s Favorite,” a sort of chorus girl leader who keeps everything moving smoothly along. She flits in and out of every scene like personified deus ex machina, building a surprisingly close rapport with the audience in a role that doesn’t afford her much characterization.
Herald and Review

The Fantasticks

Kara Guy shows off a splendid singing voice as Luisa and captures the flighty naivety of the role perfectly.
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